Picking up on previous post on answering people who ask for help for their presentation we can dig more into how to communicate a message effectively.

Although answering a question with another question is not always the best approach that is what I normally do most of the time. Before even looking at the presentation I inquire: “What is exactly the message you want to get across, you would like your audience to bring home?”

Not everyone has a prompt reply. If that’s the case there’s not much in looking at the presentation. First it should be very clear what is the message to give to the public. Because you judge a presentation based on how well and how effectively it conveys it to the audience.

If the presenter doesn’t have a specific, easy to understand, concise message in his head it’s almost impossible to be successful during the presentation, and even before to design it correctly. If that’s the case you don’t need me (or someone else) to review your presentation. You need to define the message, I can still help you with that but it’s a different task.