eLearning public speaking

eLearning is a powerful device to extend your skills whenever you want, at your pace, with no travelling and often at a fractional cost of traditional training.

I don’t see eLearning as a replacement for seminar or workshops but rather as a great opportunity for you to learn much more at a convenient time and location.

Here are the different public speaking courses available to you and their special offers.

Learn 5 Principles For Persuasive Presentations

A great introductory course with 5 guidelines you should never ignore when designing or delivering persuasive presentations.

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Overcome Fear of Public Speaking: turn it into an asset!

How many times you missed an opportunity because you were afraid to talk in front of an audience?

Are you nervous when delivering a presentation? Do you hate speaking before a group?

Fear of public speaking quite a common one (yes, you are not alone) and can seriously hinder your message, your product, you and your career! The good news is that everyone can overcome it and become a successful presenter.

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Write and deliver persuasive presentations: move audiences!

Over 40 video lectures and extra available to address public speaking in an engaging and fun way. This Public speaking success: how to make great presentations course covering all the key factors like:

  • Preparation. Check how do you prepare a presentation against the rotated square framework.
  • Delivery. Improve your communication and avoid common pitfalls that can damage your credibility or effectiveness.
  • Visual aids. The vast majority of them hinders speakers rather than support them. Learn why, how to design and use them to your advantage.
  • Engaging. Get your audience involved from different perspectives, including the emotional one, fundamental for moving people.
  • Feedback. How important it is, learn to master it and together with practice make yourself a better presenter each time.

If you want to move audiences and improve a terrific asset for you and your messages then this is your course!

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