Resources to share presentations

Those are websites where you can put your slides on-line for people to view them after your presentation, download them or see them even if they did not attend your speech.

  • Slideshare one of the most popular slide share site
  • Sliderocket where you can create, store and share presentation. It includes some social features

Resources for quotes

Quotes often work well at some points of your presentation. They can introduce a topic or close with a statement.

Stock Images

Visuals are dominants is one of the 5 principles for persuasive presentations. So here is a list of places where you can feed yourself with pictures you can use in your presentations. Some are free, others require a subscription or a fee.

resources for presentations


Icons can be great to graphically represent concepts. Grab yours!

Resources for data representation

You may not be Hans Rosling, nevertheless your data should look great and be effective.

  • Gapminder Desktop astonishing software for showing and animating data. Comes with loads of data
  • Diagrammer buy diagrams to incorporate in your presentations (from Duarte Design, check their website if is still available)

Font resources