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My job is helping people, organisations and companies communicating ideas and messages. This is done on three pillars: public speaking, video and social media.

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Have you ever thought about the design of your presentations?

Some of them maybe extremely important: product launch, funding, partnerships. You cannot afford to do it wrong.
Speaking after a group is a very important communication.

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Present better is a summary of ideas, tips, videos and resources to be successful at public speaking.

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What did I learn with Paolo? To be more effective in delivering my message, not only in business.

Carlo Secchi

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The Story story

The Story story

The Story here starts with a book I read a couple of years ago, titled indeed Story. Written by Robert McKee and dubbed the screenwriters' bible I remember enjoying it and learning from it. I picked it up because I thought it could be interesting for my public...

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Are online courses good?

Are online courses good?

Online courses are becoming a more and more popular training tools. E-learning platforms are flourishing, students are sky-rocketing and there's plenty of offering from a wide range of tools to an even wider spectrum of topics. If you are wondering how good they are...

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Communicate with emotions

Communicate with emotions

“Communication is everything” says Tom Peters. Do you agree with him on the form? You should on the substance. It's true that “perception is reality” and that (perception) comes from the communication that goes along with the underlying matter. Be that an idea, a...

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Bullet points (again)

Bullet points (again)

If you know me for public speaking you know I despise bullet points. It's not the first time that I talk about it: In 2014 I wrote how I used to advise to limit them and then stay away tout-court,In 2019 I had a full post on them, and later on how they were missing...

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