Public Speaking

Public speaking for some presenters means stress and tension, while for some audiences it is sometimes another word for death by powerpoint. In reality it is a great chance to persuade or motivate to an action an audience.
Since in modern world there is much more interaction between people, departments and organisations the need for communication is highly increased. Presentation has the human factor which differentiate, or should differentiate it, from other ways of transmitting the message. That’s truer in a scenario where internet, emails and attachments are pervasive.
There is no better chance than speaking before a group to get effectively our message across. If it’s done properly.

In the era of e@ (and i of course) the magic ingredient is h: human factor.

I strongly believe the public speaking is effective when we talk with other people. It’s not about techniques, technology or artistic talent. It’s about being able to convey ideas in a simple but passionate way.

Everyone can be a great speaker, with a little confidence, right preparation and a couple of tips.

In my coaching sessions or seminars I help people to flourish building on their own communication style. How to switch off the computer (temporarily) and switch on yourself!