10 tips for public speaking


  1. 10_tipsPreparation is the key. The more you are prepared the less is the anxiety due to lack of confidence.
  2. Get off on the right foot. Try to have your opening 30 seconds scripted and rehearsed
  3. Don’t focus on uncertainties. You won’t be able to answer questions like “Who will it go?” or “How will they react?” but you can focus on what you know and what you have prepared.
  4. Delivery

  5. Eye contact is compulsory to engage the audience. Never look at the floor or worse at your slides.
  6. Your voice is often more important than your words. Be conscious about it and use rhyhtm, tone and pauses appropriately.
  7. Keep your hands and pockets free. Playing with objects, coins or keys are an easy way of getting out your nervousness.
  8. Slides

  9. Use graphics rather than text.
  10. Stay away from clipart (unless extremely high quality).
  11. Avoid bullet points. We all had far too many.
  12. Final one

  13. While you are preparing try to “sit” in your audience and ask yourself the question “What’s in it for me?”