Online course on public speaking

Making effective presentations is a skill that can make or break careers and is crucial to spread messages and ideas (even if you don’t buy this course keep it in mind).

This Public speaking success: how to make great presentations course helps you deliver better communication by focusing on what matters and avoid common mistakes. There is no schoolbook to follow to be a better presenter but we can take a page from the great communicators.

Follow these principles and public speaking will become one of your tremendous assets.

Over 30 video lectures and extra available to address public speaking in an engaging and fun way. This Public speaking success: how to make great presentations course covering all the key factors like:

  • Preparation. Check how do you prepare a presentation against the rotated square framework.
  • Delivery. Improve your communication and avoid common pitfalls that can damage your credibility or effectiveness.
  • Visual aids. The vast majority of them hinders speakers rather than support them. Learn why, how to design and use them to your advantage.
  • Engaging. Get your audience involved from different perspectives, including the emotional one, fundamental for moving people.
  • Feedback. How important it is, learn to master it and together with practice make yourself a better presenter each time.

If you want to move audiences and improve a terrific asset for you and your messages then this is your course!

It’s a seminar on your PC, tablet or mobile, that you can follow whenever you want how many times you want. Over 5 hours of lectures broken  in 30+ chapters for a convenient access to all the information. Plus there are extras and downloadable material.


  • At the end of the course you’ll know how to motivate to action audiences
  • What is important in communication?
  • How to prepare a speech or a presentation?
  • How to design and use visual aids?
  • How to engage the public?
  • How to handle questions?
  • What are the best resources for effective presentations?

Learn now

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Online course content

Lecture 1: Welcome 03:24
Lecture 2: Two very important questions 03:41
Lecture 3: Rotated square 02:33
Lecture 4: The audience 14:05
Lecture 5: When and where 14:23
Lecture 6: The subject 07:17
Lecture 7: Different approaches 07:28
Lecture 8: Create a structure 13:04
Lecture 9: Visual aids today 07:15
Lecture 10: Principles of design 18:09
Lecture 11: A pinch of visual thinking 11:06
Lecture 12: Working with images 19:16
Lecture 13: Text in slides 15:07
Lecture 14: Presenting data 10:20
Lecture 15: Videos, animations and transitions 10:23
Lecture 16: Using visual aids 18:54
Lecture 17: Great slides alternatives 14:09
Lecture 18: Some thoughts on communication 08:25
Lecture 19: Voice 13:46
Lecture 20: Body 11:00
Lecture 21: Energy and nervousness 08:54
Lecture 22: Why engaging the audience works? 06:56
Lecture 23: Engaging techniques 12:36
Lecture 24: Connect with the audience 09:45
Lecture 25: Humour 05:46
Lecture 26: Are questions good? 05:02
Lecture 27: Do not fear questions 08:16
Lecture 28: How to answer questions 11:30
Lecture 29: Handle hecklers 06:16
Lecture 30: Where to find stuff 2 pages
Lecture 31: What to read or watch 11:03
Lecture 32: Get feedback to improve 06:31
Lecture 33: Your action plan 05:05
Lecture 34: Questions, and more 01:41