When I was a kid, Japan was the land of cartoons (or anime). From the most famous in Italy for my generation (Grendizer) to the most European (Heidi), together with television series about robots (Gundam, Mazinge, Jeeg, Daitarn), unlikely sports feats (Holly & Benji, Supercar Gattiger) to stories of abandonment or romantic love (Remi, Candy Candy).

In more recent years for me Garr Reynolds has replaced Duke Fleed (metaphorically, I hope he take it nicely) as the main source of inspiration from Japan, for public speaking and presentations. In addition to reading Presentation Zen (with an autograph dedication), Presentation Zen Design and The Naked Presenter, his blog is a point of reference. Also from Japan, Hara Hachi Bu and the Takahashi method also today became part of my public speaking course.

Let’s move on to the next generation, what does my daughter receive from Japanese culture? Today certainly the Studio Ghibli films that she adores and has seen and seen again several times. Tomorrow?

I wish her the kaizen, that continuous improvement that is the secret to reaching the goals you set for yourself. And with it perhaps the sense of closure, the ensō, the cleanliness, the elegance and a pinch of minimalism of Zen culture.

All things that can be great for your presentations too!

Eliminating the superfluous to bring out the essential is a great guideline when public speaking! What do you really want your audience to take home? What is the main message that needs to be clear to them? What are you going to say helps you achieve your goal or distract them from it?