Successful Presentation Coaching

Individual session fully customised, objectives and specific content are agreed with every participant on a one to one basis.

Who should attend?

SPD (Successful Presentation Dedicated) session are perfect for all kind of executives (sales, marketing, finance, IT, etc…), entrepreneurs and politicians who prefer a dedicated environment to learn and freely experiment their skills in public speaking.

What are the benefits?

SPD brings together the effectiveness and result proven workshop structure along with a high degree of customisation to focus on individuals:

  • Each session is “built” based on the objectives of the participant and her/his unique communication skills;
  • Focus in on practical and concrete skills previously agreed;
  • Presentation session allow to practice theory in a comfortable and safe environment;
  • Every session provides a benchmark with an immediate benefit for upcoming real life presentations.

How does it work?

Half a day is the typical length of a session, generally in the morning, although there is plenty of flexibility.
Benefits start from the first session, and it could be the only one, or it is possible to spread more than one over time to build on each one. Before the first session there is a briefing, possibly in person, to define objectives and the logistics. Also a small pre-work is required.