What my customers say may help you have a better understanding of what I do, but mainly it shows the benefits you can get.

Paola Poggianella
Paola Poggianella Human Resource Manager @ Area SpA
Paolo, with the help of ‘successful presentation’ has opened my eyes on something that today is very clear to me but it wasn’t at the time: I am the message! Just few words and the powerpoint myth crumbled; I have always thought that the first step to a perfect presentation was to launch powerpoint and fill it with words, data and tables and after that my job was done. Now it’s all changed, first thing is grab same paper and a pen (yes the old paper) to pin down objectives and messages I want my audience to leave with. And after that hours of rehearsing in front of a mirror. The outcome is not yet perfection but now I have all the skills to do a good job: thank you Paolo!

Massimo Ivul
Massimo Ivul CEO @ Gruppo Sintesi
The first time I saw Paolo’s work on presenting our company I must admit I was a bit turned off. I have worked here for years and I haven’t managed to introduce it to my listeners as Paolo did. As he managed to highlights our winning features and customers benefits. I couldn’t believe and ‘external’ could tell so much about my company in such a clear and compelling way. Luckily I already knew Paolo and thus I realised that thanks to his skills that could be possible, as it happens to all of us when we are called to work in our mastery zone. Great job Paolo.

Carlo Secchi
Carlo Secchi General Manager @ TC Systems
What have I learned with Paolo? To communicate my message in a more efficient way. Even outside the work enviroment. The workshop has affected me so much that I decided, by my own will, to go through it again two years later bringing along some colleagues.

*jobs and position at quote’s time.