Slides packed with text and information are not effective during a presentation. It’s a fact. If you ask speaker why they fill them up one of the most common answer is that since they are handing them out at the end of presentation they should have all the information and references for a later review.

Consider how many times you picked up again visual aids from an attended presentation and you may have a good example of optimism  Nevertheless it is a point and shoud be addressed. Unfortunately not by overloading slides.

The right solution is have to set of visual aids, one for the screen and one for emailing (or printing). It takes extra time during preparation but it does pay-off. And if you have really no time there is still a viable, decent, option. Prepare your visual aids for printing, save them and then copy them to a second file for presenting. In this one take away all the extra text and information and leave just the main points/words. You, speaking, will add the rest.