There is nothing so constant as change.

Everything must change to grow.

So, we welcome change because:

Change = Growth = Opportunity
The Anixter Blue Book, page 7

The 10 sentences that when you say them (or think them) show you are keeping the status quo (from Seth Godin blog).

  1. It will never work
  2. We are already doing it
  3. We will let you know
  4. It hasn’t been done before
  5. It has already been done
  6. Now we are busy with something else
  7. It’s fantastic but sales [marketing/finance/board] will never like it
  8. Our salesforce would give it a shot but never our customers
  9. In real life it works differently
  10. It’s different for us

I am often guilty of 9, just to be soon proved wrong. And you?