Would you like to ask me a question on public speaking on a live show?

Now you can do it in my first periscope. First question is ….

What is periscope? 

A platform promoted by twitter for live broadcasting of videos.

What will you use it for?

To answer questions on public speaking you may ask before the show starts or live during the show!

How can I ask a question before the show?

Super easy …. just leave a comment here and I’ll get back to you and answer it or feature it in the periscope.

How can I follow the show?

The easiest way is to install the periscope app on your android device or ios device (iphone/ipad) and follow PaoloPelloni as a user.

I don’t want to install the app!

Fine. Just go to: https://periscope.tv/PaoloPelloni

Hey, you haven’t told me when is the show?

The first one will be this Friday the 25th at 15:00 CET or 3PM. That’s 2PM in the UK, 5PM in Abu Dhabi, 6:30PM in Mumbai, 9AM in New York…. and so on. If you have the app and follow me you should also receive a notification when it goes live.

How can I ask a question during the show?

Just type it into the chat line of the app and it should pop on my screen!

Why should I watch it?

I’ll answer a couple of questions on public speaking and I am sure they will be relevant to you too. I’ll also take live questions so you have a chance to raise your points!