Tips for public speaking are always something I am asked about and today I am happy to share with you 5 of them.

As it should goes for tips it’s more important to grasp the concept than to follow them in a slavish way.

1. Sell you

Well, you don’t really have to sell you, but if the audience won’t buy you, they won’t buy your message. What does that mean? It may change from scenario to scenario, is some circumstances you have to work on your credibility in the opening of the speech. Almost every time it also relies on you creating a human connection with the public, Don’t be afraid of be yourself, open up, even if it means look weak on something. You need to build a relationship, to build trust.

2. Give something

Public speaking is not about a performance of you. It is about them. Don’t worry about how good you look or avoiding mistake: care about giving something to your listeners. You have to contribute to them (and probably to do that, first you need to make a connection as per #1)

3. Don’t always talk

If they talk (participate, engage) it’s even better but that’s not only what I mean here in #3.  Use pauses, stay silent. Silence calls for attention, gives them time to digest your ideas and create an emotional impact (by product is that you also have time to think about what to say next).

4. Have a structure

During preparation create an outline and a logic flow of your presentation. If you can in the opening phase share it with your audience. If they know where are you going and why it will be much easier for them to follow you along.

5. Repetita iuvant

Repeating helps used to say ancient Romans (that along with ancient Greeks set the foundations of rhetoric). Anaphora (in the rhetoric way) is a powerful device to raise your impact and to help your concept stick. Also consider that you normally talk about things that are mundane to you but maybe not for the public. So repetition maybe needed in some cases to help them understand your content.

What are your tips for public speaking?

Of course there are many more and if you would like to share more please leave a comment!