A new series called Learn From Great Speeches, where you can improve your public speaking skills, and presentations skills, learning from great speakers. Rhetoric lessons straight from speeches that are part of public speaking history and often of history in general.

As with #LearnFromTED every post will be around a given speed, some of them famous from a long time other more recent. Many examples from different countries’ politics, some from sciences, announcements, human rights pledges. A list with Cameron, Churchill, De Gasperi, Einstein, Gandhi, Ibárruri, Kennedy, King, Mandela, Matteotti, Obama, Paolo VI, Reagan and Roosevelt.

Which techniques do they use to be effective? Which rhetorical devices work better to make a point? How to grasp audience’s attention and how to let them take home your message and possibly spread it?

Which language is more apt to convince the public to adopt and idea or take an action?

Learn From Great Speeches will try to answer some of those questions, and others too, analysing those public speaking examples largely considered successful. We’ll look at the content and very often how it is structured and delivered. Where is possible we’ll take notice of vocal energy, pauses, facial expressions and gesticulation.

In a nutshell how can you improve your public speaking skills watching and learning from widely recognized successful speakers.