Webinars is what is all about now, given the difficulty (impossibility in many instances) of organising events or meetings in person. A means of communication that many people were forced to approach, and to become familiar. Among the various challenges one is to prepare visual aids, a bit like in presentations, and finding the pictures that will go along the speaker during the webinar.

The most immediate solution for many is google and its image search.

google picture for your webinar

Not always the best solution for several reasons, the main ones being:

  • could be subject to copyright,
  • not homogenous styles,
  • variable resolutions (and those in low resolution will look bad).

Often it means obtaining low-quality, improvised-looking visual aids, with images similar to many others (including possible competitors) and also with the risk of not respecting the rights of use, even more significant if the visual aids are then sent to the participants or available for download. What should you do then?

The best way to create pictures for your webinar?

If you need the image of a swan that quietly observes you from the pond, the perfect solution is to rent a swan, take it to the pond, teach it to stay in the pose you want, and then take a picture of it. Nothing beats this path to obtain the perfect picture, practicality and convenience are not the strong point though. There are other good enough ways for you to create your visual aids in an effective and elegant way.

One option is to turn to professionals who can take the photos or simply source them for you. In many cases, however, it is possible to achieve excellent results even autonomously, and I imagine that this is the most congenial solution in most cases. On-line you can find a wide range of resources both for a fee and for free.

Typically, services with a cost offer more choice of pictures and a more extensive license, often at reasonable costs. You can also acquire free images and for some selected ones go for the paid option.

Here is a list of online resources where to find pictures for your webinars.

Pictures (pay)

Pictures (free)

Sometime you are required to credit the author.

Images search


Icons are an excellent resource for graphically visualizing some concepts. Choose the ones best suited to your webinar.



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