How many times you missed an opportunity because you were afraid to talk in front of an audience?

Are you nervous when delivering a presentation? Do you hate speaking before a group?

Fear of public speaking is quite a common one (yes, you are not alone) and can seriously hinder your message, your product, you and your career! The good news is that everyone can overcome it and become a successful presenter.

I have helped thousands of students in the last 20 years, and now I share my knowledge in this course that you can follow when you want, how many times you want in complete privacy.

Put an end to broken sentences, nervous trembling, sweats and sleepless nights embracing an effective path towards your success. It’s not rocket science and everyone can do it! I had exactly the same issues when I started presenting 30 years ago, so I know how it feels. But I also know you can get over it and how to do it.

Inside the course you will find:

  • The sensational truth about public speaking fear
  • The most common factors why we are afraid of speaking before a group and how to tackle them
  • The proper approach to overcome your fear and manage your tension
  • Some exercises that you can use every time you have stand in front of an audience (and before)
  • An action plan to become better and better.

After this course you will have the knowledge and a system that will give you more confidence and yield results immediately.

What do they say about this course?

“This course is very useful for success in public speaking. It has some practical and honest instructions that are time tested such as breathing, relaxing, considering the audience as supporters, not out there to judge you. Finally, avoiding public speaking opportunities will not help you with your fear. Confront the fear and it eventually melt away. I like the course, it could have been longer, but that is ok.”

“Liked a lot that it focus on practical stuff. Tried already some exercises and advices and they work. Could do with a better background (minor thing). Definitely recommend if like me you miss confidence in front of people.”

“Great course, a revelation that made me understand better why I am afraid of presenting and how to address it. Loved to have more.”

What do you need?

  • An open mind and the willingness to put in practice the advice to tackle fear

What will you get?

  • Full, free lifetime access
  • 16 lectures and 1.5+ hours of video
  • Audio track for each section (for offline listening)
  • Available on every device
  • All future extra lectures and upgrades are always included for free
  • Unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee – that’s my personal promise of your success!

This course is right for you if…

  • You want to learn why being nervous before a presentation is common and can be tackled
  • You want to embrace a continuous learning/improving path towards confidence and effectiveness
  • You want to learn helpful exercises and practices to control tension

This course is not right for you if…

  • You are already confident when public speaking and you are looking for a full comprehensive course (in that case you need Persuasive Presentations: Write, Deliver and Move Audiences!)
  • You are looking for a psychological approach to extrapolate your fears
  • You are looking for a magic pill that will transform you overnight.

The benefits will be there already at the next presentation, so enrol now to make the most of your next opportunity. Stop be stressed by speaking opportunities, stop squandering them and turn your energy into an asset!