Vision or execution, which one is more important? This is a question I have been asked for public speaking and in general for business. It’s the topic of this Paolo’s Corner.

An unofficial transcript of the video

I have been asked several times this question: “what is more important: vision or execution?”

Sometimes the question was related to public speaking: for a presentations it’s better to workout a brilliant idea or how you deliver it? And generally in business, is it more important to find the winning strategy or put it into practice?

To see my answer follow me in the drawing room.

You can have Imagine in your head, but if you plunk like me and above all, sing like me, you don’t go very far.

In other words .. the best idea in the world it’s quite useless if it does not see the light or is poorly implemented. So as great as your strategy is you need to be just as sure you know how to implement it.

I’m not just talking about understanding feasibility. Of course, if my idea is I want to design and manufacture a box that by inserting the fluff from the navel comes out pure gold, well I have a different execution problem. It’s impossible.

The fact is that it is also a very feasible strategy it becomes impossible if you do not find the right implementation, and above all, if you don’t put in that hard work that is never as fun as the idea itself.

Success is 2% inspiration and 98% perspiration. An excellent vision and a lot of execution. Neither is enough without the other.

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