My public speaking audio course has recently been published in English and I am looking forward to students reactions.

What are the advantages of an audio course compared to a video course? I believe there are several pros (and some cons).

The benefits:

  • You can enjoy it more easily on the go (when you drive, but also when you run)
  • You can follow it while you relax (no need to be in front of a monitor)
  • Some people may prefer to receive information in this way (audio over video).

The disadvantages:

  • It may be harder for some people to stay focused (not having the video)
  • Some visual examples are more difficult to render

Here is my first audio course on Public Speaking: Persuasive Presentations: Write, Deliver and Move Audiences! on the Avocado platform.

It contains almost all the contents of the video course:

  • the preparation
  • visual aids
  • the delivery
  • audience involvement
  • managing questions and answers
  • and several additional resources.

I also kept the section on visual aids, although you can only listen to the course. It may be more difficult to follow, as the visual examples do not appear. Also for this reason the course in audio format has a lower price than the course in video format.

The course can be purchased on Avocado and then you can enjoy it on Apple iTunes (iOS), Google Play (Android) or directly on the platform itself for all other systems.

What do you think, should I publish more audio courses?