In a recent interview I was asked my 3 important words for 2021. It was inevitable to pick something affected by the pandemic emergency and how this affects the context I am normally talking about: communication, sales and marketing.

Here is Paolo’s Corner #9 with a wish.

An unofficial (automatic) transcript of the video

paolo’s corner number nine and that’s all about 2021. recently i was interviewed and they asked me to come up with three words three key ideas that are going to be important this year and i said adaptability speed and remodulation because the emergency of the coronavirus you know we don’t know when it will finish from the health point of view but surely you will not finish completely from the business side because what it showed us that the things can change very quickly the scenarios the rules but most of all higher customers behave higher customer access information by products and so on recently i was reading another interview of the director of an important trade show in the fashion industry and they said that they never going to come back to pre-covid from now on the long-time long-term strategy is to have hybrid events always even when the physical would be possible the digital part will always be at the centre and he said because there will be customers that still would not be able to attend the trade expo so it’s important to give something to them and this is in fashion you know where touching the textile and the fabric is so important in other words the word will not be as before the ones that are quickly to adapt they will have success but the other ones they will suffer even a lot of things and of course that do not mean that you need to change completely what you’re doing so if you’re running a business of fitness or spas it’s not that you have to change and start mass producing a disinfectant or anything like this of course you have to stay in your core business do what you’re good in doing it but maybe you have to rethink on how you offer it or maybe just a little bit how the customers can use your product you need to change to the conditions and also extremely important is not only to be able to remodulate your offering but also to be quick and let your customers know because in the digital world the first one to get the words out normally win and takes it all as abba would say and speaking of communication i think about the customer at the centre you know this is a story i’ve been hearing since i started working many many many years ago every time there’s a new marketing fad a new app or a new company you know they come out and say we really put the customer at the centre and of course it sounds like a joke you know everyone is saying and and everyone is the real one not the one before now i think that today what is really important is not only to keep the customer at the centre but also to be relevant with the communication to them all of us we are exposed to so many uh marketing messages everywhere we look around and particularly on our devices the smartphone being of course the king of all of them so what we do we learn to avoid them we learn to ignore them we learn to consider only the one that we care about in at the time that we want to read them and so that’s how we need to focus our communication we need not to mass communicate anymore but we need to be able to tell people what they want to hear when they want to hear it and possibly in the way with the device they want to to get the information and if the technology created these challenges is also technology who’s actually saving us because with everyone now even a small company can use digital things like the crm a little big data to be able to communicate to the customers better and this would be also very important in 2021 happy 2021

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